Classic Slots Rules

For over 100 years, since the moment slot machines appeared, they have actively been building their position in the world of casinos. It is no wonder that having attracted so many players, slots quickly became the key element of the gaming industry. It is also not surprising that after more than a century of practice, slots are now the easiest game of all. Rules for playing online slots are much the same as those for the old-fashioned slot machines, with some exceptions that apply only to certain types of virtual games. All you have to do is insert the coins and push the button to see the reels spinning. After the machine stops, just check if you hit a winning combination.

Classic Casino Slot Games

Below you will find the basic rules for Slot Games.

3 Reel Slots

Hit the combination of symbols displayed on the payout line(s) and you win! Each game may have as many as 5 payout lines, i.e. top, middle or bottow row and left or right diagonal.

5 Reel Slots

Here you can encounter as many as nine payout lines! With such a high number of those, your chances of winning skyrocket! These are the rows of symbols you are after! Spin the reel and trigger the winning.

Bonus Slots

Middle row is the only payout line here. Nonetheless, if you can see the symbol of a special Bonus, you get an extra Bonus payout!

Progressive Jackpots

No other online game offers such huge payouts and when we say they are big, we mean it! Progressive Jackpots rise with every betting player and they can get to be well over 1 million dollars! This alone shows how popular this slot game is.To win big and get the most out of our games, please follow the instructions of each slot game that you wish to play before pressing the Spin button.

Payout Line: a row of symbols that activates a win. Depending on the game, they can be either horizontal or diagonal and their number is not fixed.

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