Online Casino Payment Methods

Money drives the world of online casinos, so if you don't have any money, forget about playing in an online casino. Of course, you can still play for free in most online casinos, but the fun rarely lasts for long, so you have to spend money to win money.When opening an online casino account, you will be presented with several options for funding your account. Almost all online casinos accept credit card payments. But in these days of identity theft and credit card fraud, many customers are considering other online casino payment methods such as e-wallets, wire transfers and even checks.

If you are dealing with just one online casino and you are very sure that your private information is safe with it, then it's alright to use your credit card for payments. But when you are playing in several online casinos, it's safer and more convenient to use an electronic wallet or e-wallet provided by a third-party online funds transfer service.

What are the benefits of using an e-wallet? First, you protect your credit card information. You just give your credit card details to only one service (the e-wallet provider) instead of several or many websites. This reduces the risks of having your personal and financial information stolen by identity thieves and other criminals. Second, online funds transfers using e-wallets are fast, easy and convenient. There is no waiting for checks to be processed and cleared. The money will be instantly credited to your account. Third, e-wallet transaction fees are low, in fact cheaper than other online casino payment methods. E-wallet transactions are completed in a few minutes compared to several days for wire transfers and weeks for personal checks.

In the light of online gambling laws that restrict banks from funding online casino accounts, e-wallets provide a better alternative for online casino payment methods. Major e-wallet providers include Firepay, Click2Pay and Moneybookers. Be sure to study the features and services offered by the e-wallet provider as well as the transfer fees. The e-wallet provider usually offers instant credit, low transfer fees, inter-account transfers and fast deposits and withdrawals to and from online casino accounts.

If you don't have a credit card or if you're still hesitant to use plastics for online transactions, you can still use other online casino payment methods such as bank drafts and wire transfers. These two online casino payment methods are safer because they don't require the transfer of sensitive information. The downside is these online casino payment methods take longer to transfer and process. Also, if you use wire transfers, you can transfer money to your online casino account but you have to use another method for receiving your money.

A newer online casino payment method is the prepaid card or virtual credit card. This online casino payment method allows you to pay anonymously without risking your real credit card information. Funding your online casino account, as well as cashing out your winnings, should not be difficult and forbidding task. Just be careful about giving away your personal and financial information and use the online casino payment method that you think is the safest and most convenient for you.

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