Top Online Casino Trends to Watch out for in 2021

2020 is almost over, and we are deep into the festive celebrations. The online casino world has had a surprisingly profitable year despite its challenges, including a globalpandemic. While gambling sectors like sports betting witnessed a decline in major sports leagues, online casinos thrived. Use Casinokokemus to find the best online casinos.

The online casino industry had a swell time in 2020, 2021 promises to be even better. A lot of innovations and trends took shape in 2020, such as the growth of mobile casinos. In 2021, expect some of these trends to continue to grow.

Here are some of the top online casino trends to watch out for in 2021. Some estimates project that in 2021, the online casino industry will generate a revenue of close to $1 trillion!

1. Mobile Gaming

One online casino trend that has dominated the industry in recent years is the increased mobile gaming growth. COVID-19 helped accelerate online casinos' growth, thanks to the restrictions imposed on large gatherings such as real casinos. Players who ordinarily would have played at land-based casinos now switched to online casinos because of lockdowns and COVID-19 fears.

In 2021, many industry analysts predict that mobile gaming will continue its impressive growth. About 74% of online casino players currently make use of their smartphones to play online casino games.All statistics point to an increasing number of online casino players through mobile devices.

Mobile gaming is convenient and easy to play. The portability of your mobile device makes online casinos even more accessible for players. You can play it anywhere and at any time. Analysts predict a rise in the number of mobile casino players.

Top online casino software providers like QuickSpin and Microgaming are producing online casino games compatible with mobile devices. The Hypertext Mark-Up Language Revision 5 (HTML5) is the technology that makes it possible for online casino games to function on your mobile device. Many online casinos have downloadable mobile apps that give you access to their full game catalogues.

2. Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming

Virtual Reality gaming is no longer a distant reality; it is close to becoming a mainstream feature of online casinos. It is one casino trend to watch out for in 2021. Experts predict the Virtual Reality (VR) gaming will change online gaming perception and improve its casino experience. Slowly VR gaming is changing the face of the online casino industry.

The biggest problem with Virtual Reality Gaming is the cost of technology. Recently, more affordable VR technologies are coming into the scene. There are indications from online casino software providers and online casinos that VR gaming will be adopted more by 2021. Virtual Reality will make the experience of online casinos similar to the one at land-based casinos.

3. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the payment methods available at online casinos. Initially, many online casinos did not include cryptocurrency options in their payment plans. Now, there are so many online casinos that accept different cryptos for deposits and withdrawals.

The online casino industry has always been known for its innovation and ability to adapt to changing technologies. It was one of the first industries to integrate cryptos as a payment option, with some casinos operating as a cryptocurrency (accepting only cryptos for payments).

In 2021, with the stellar growth of cryptocurrencies, especially the surging price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, analysts predict that more online casinos will include cryptocurrency payment methods.

Cryptocurrencies offer a fast, secure and reliable means of financial transactions. It keeps users anonymous. Withdrawals at online casinos, especially by bank transfer, can be frustrating and take as long as seven days! With cryptocurrencies, you get your withdrawals instantly.

4. Sports Betting Markets

Sports betting is currently the fastest growing section of the online casino market. With many countries and states removing restrictions on this popular online gambling activity, we can expect the market to sour in 2021. New Zealand and the United States of America (some states)are two countries where sports betting became legal recently.

5. Live Casinos

The demand to live dealer games will continue to rise in 2021. Live Dealer games offer players a semblance of the casino experience felt at the land-based casinos. You get to stream live on your device your favourite live dealer casino games with live dealer games.

Live Dealers compete against themselves, and players bet on the outcome. It is highly interactive with live chat functions that allow players to communicate with live dealers.


One constant about online casinos is their pace of growth. 2021 will witness an increase in the number of online casinos and players. Some of the top casino trends to watch out include mobile gaming, virtual reality gaming, cryptocurrency, sports betting markets and live casinos.

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